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Sealing Air Leaks in Mount Pleasant, Charleston, & Throughout The Midlands

Air leaking into house

Professionally air sealing your home can reduce its heating and cooling utility bills by 20% or more! Sealing the air leaks in your home is a one-time job that doesn't require any maintenance-- saving you money and energy for the rest of the time you live in the home.

However, finding and sealing air leaks is much easier said than done. Locating these air leaks requires special equipment, training, and access to parts of the house a homeowner would generally not be able to (or want to) reach. Here's where we can help!

Once we locate the sources, we select the best product to seal the area and you won't have to worry about air sealing again. In many cases, we recommend two-part spray foam. This expansive formula fits even the smallest or oddly shaped areas.

The Payoff to Air Sealing Your South Carolina Home

The best part about air sealing is that the effects are immediate. You'll be able to experience a noticeable change almost instantly. We will even perform a second blower door test to prove the influence this air sealing has had on the leaks in your home. Now you can enjoy enhanced energy performance, greater comfort, and lasting savings on your heating and cooling bills.

We proudly offer our air sealing services in and around Mount Pleasant, Charleston, Simpsonville, Lexington, Columbia, Summerville, Chapin, Aiken, North Augusta, Greenville, Spartanburg, Florence, Sumter, Greenwood, and more!

When Good Air Leaks Out of Your Home, Bad Air Leaks In!

The laws of convection cause warm air in your house to rise up from the foundation, passing through many cracks on its way through the attic. New air then enters through the foundation to begin this cycle know as the "stack effect". When air leaks from your home you're paying far more than is necessary to heat, cool or dehumidify the space. 

Air Sealing Your Home for Energy Savings

High energy bills and ice dams are some of the problems caused by air leakage and poor insulation in this cape house. Watch this video to see how the right air sealing and insulation methods can make your home comfortable and efficient.

Contractors Create Air Leaks In Your Home - (They can't help it!)

There are leaks from the very beginning stages of building every home. You'll find gaps between pieces of wood and wiring, wood can shrink while other materials can expand, and as soon as the framing crew finishes their work of nailing together your studs, joists, rafters, sheathing, and beams to create the house shell, a team of other workers march in and begin to cut it apart.

Electricians, HVAC contractors, and plumbers will drill and saw their way through, creating channels for the wires, heating ducts, water lines, and waste pipes that need to be run through the house.

The holes that are created don't compromise your home's strength, but they do result in a network of leakage points that can let air out, and in.

Contractors cause air leaks in North Charleston homes

Gaps in your home can be small, such as the ones found around an electrical outlet in an exterior wall. However, large openings are also common, such as the ones created by plumbers in floors and framing as they install pipes, or the long gaps like the one created when a cantilever soffit does not meet the exterior wall in an airtight connection.

Don't Insulate Before Air Sealing!

Air Sealing In South Carolina

There are many air leaks where heat from your house can leak out of the house into the attic. If you insulate without air sealing first, the air will just leak right through the insulation! Insulation does not stop air flow! To make matters worse, now all the air leaks are buried underneath all the insulation, making them harder to reach.

Without air sealing, you'll find that your insulation is filtering the air. In other words, when you find dirt stains on fiberglass insulation it shows that the insulation is filtering the air leakage, and it traps dirt and dust the same way a furnace filter would. Air sealing should always be done before and with insulation! Dr. Energy Saver does both air sealing and insulation

Common places that need to be sealed:

  • Around pipes and Wires
  • Around Chimney
  • Duct Chases
  • Between framing and drywall at the top of walls
  • Can lights
  • Pull down stairs and scuttle holes
  • Rim joists and sill plates
  • Sump pump holes
  • Basement windows
  • Windows and doors
  • Under sinks- plumbing penetrations
  • Bath fans
  • Whole house fans
  • And many, many other places!


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